Advanced Aerospace Components specializes in the distribution of component piece parts for airlines and MROs worldwide. In 2012, our genesis stemmed from the idea that the world’s leading MRO’s need greater access to aftermarket component parts if they to continue competing with growing repair facilities of OEM.

Since our inception, our goal has been to provide the world’s leading MROs with greater access to used serviceable material; allowing our customers to service the worlds growing fleet without increasing a dependency on the OEMs.

It starts with a relationship. The team at Advanced believes a value-added partnership goes a lot further than a basic vendor–customer relationship. We’ve developed an understanding for the needs of MROs by developing a customized software, conveniently accessible, to exceed their expectations:

  • Quoting: real-time inventory pricing + availabilityon web
  • Purchasing: online ordering with order status functionality
  • Quality: Blockchain (Bitcoin) based traceability ensures records areimmutable and permanently retrievable (no yearly limits)
  • Receiving: customers can access all order history information: trace, tag info, pricing all via a shared web file (privately encrypted)
  • Repair at ease knowing we’ve taken care of the details so you cantake care of the big picture

Our passion is reflected in our results as we work efficiently to offer our customers end units and piece parts for:

  • IDGs/CSDs
  • Starters
  • Generators
  • Fuel Pumps, and more.

Our LRU exchange program allows for even greater convenience for AOG based unscheduled removals and overall shortening of lead times.


At Advanced, we believe that an empowered, decentralized aftermarket is critical to carrying aviation into the next frontier. We are confident that our approach to sourcing and supplying used serviceable parts, storing digital trace and certification using blockchain ledgers, and properly tracking parts to their next higher assemblies using RFID tags, are practices that will improve trust within the aerospace aftermarket. Therefore, it is our mission to offer these services at no cost to our customers; strictly convenience.