An opportunity to buy and exchange overhauled IDGs with the longest warranties in aerospace. Our stock contains an assortment of Used Serviceable Material overhauled by the best MROs. In addition, with ATA chapter 24 capabilities, we are able to offer the best pricing and quality IDGs. also enables our airline customers the opportunity have Advanced micro manage the repair process of their units, supplying Used Serviceable Material on expensive parts and providing our extensive network of repairs for each unique circumstance. Best yet, airlines can follow along in real time as our website provides full transparency during all parts of the repair and overhaul process.



Our core customer. Advanced Aerospace Components offers MROs a home where they can search with confidence for component piece parts and sub assemblies. Whether its outright material purchasing, or sub assembly repairs and overhauls, we’ve pioneered a tool that empowers our shop customers to close units Better, Faster, and Smarter. Sign up at to join the Advanced Network.


Our favorite partners are our vendors. We would love to take a look at any QEC lists or IDGs you have available and are looking to sell in As Removed condition. Working with Advanced means you can cash in on QEC kits and IDGs that otherwise turn slowly and often tied up in repair caps and RMAs. Partnering with Advanced also means we extend the same offering we give Airlines: our inventory pool of overhauled IDGs for outright sale and exchange, Complete Repair Management of IDGs and other components, as well as our supply of USM piece-parts to help you customer furnish your own serviceable material on any component you may have at the shop.